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    Going Where No Microcontroller Has Gone like Ever Before..Innovation By EnGenius

  • "Imagination is More Important then Knowledge."

    We Believe, If we want to predict the future then we start Implementing the Today.

  • "alone we are Smart, together we are Brilliant"

    We provide a platform for electro-hobbyist, engineers, tech lovers & pro to learn by smartness & work with brilliance.

  • "Technology Can Become The Wings"

    Embeddinator try to generate that “TECHNOLOGY WINGS” that will allow the educational world to fly farther & faster then ever before… if you will allow it.

  • "Technology Integration"

    Embeddinator is providing “EnGenius Technology” is to engage the Students, Hobbyist , Engineers & Corporate Digital World in the rest of their lives with doing things that related to learning.

  • "Intelligence + Implementation"

    Our tutorials gives you a power to turn a mirror of knowledge into window of implementation

  • EnGenius "Digital Intelligent Interaction" Learning Methodology

    We are building that technologies, is so built into our lives that it’s part of our surrounding & presence.

  • "Learn , Implement & Pro"

    We Teach the Today’s Learner , as We got Yesterday, So that We can Enabling the Intelligent Planet for Tomorrow.

About us

Embeddinator hosts the collection of online resources covering technology, software, physical sciences and interfacing and communication. It delivers seamless integrated access to over many articles from over 15,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases.We follow the “learn any time” delivery model. Whether you are in between jobs or have school, two jobs and a young baby, you can learn a new skill. And you can learn anywhere. We call it @Your Pace, @Your Place education.

Experienced Technology!

“Welcome To The World Of Integrated Circuit Programming.”


We take the open sources, put the quality around that, test & implement in real life, package it as technology wrap that our learner, researcher, engineers, electronics-lover can use.

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