L293D Motor Driver Module With Voltage Protection & 5-Pin Wires

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  • Specially Designed for Various Robotic Project without microcontrollers with Male berg strip given for connection & run properly & also Extra Berg strip given for GND, +5V & +9V for external connection.
  • With Terminal Blocks for connecting motors & power supply and Berg Sticks for control signals from microcontroller
  • Widely used in Robotics, Motor Driving Applications & Heavy Project Applications.
  • Can provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600-mA at voltages from 4.5 V to 36 V.

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L293D Dual Motor Driver Module For Raspberry Pi, DSP, ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051

EnGeniusLab introduces the L293D Motor Driving Module with voltage protection feature on board, perfect for driving DC motor & Stepper Motors. It uses the most popular L293D Motor driver IC. It can drive 4 DC Motor in One direction, or drive 2 DC motor in both direction. It is standalone module for many motor driver applications & projects

L293D motor driver module, Male burg stick connectors for supply, ground and input connection & Screw terminal connectors for easy motor connection. This motor driver is perfect for robotics and mechatronics projects for controlling motors from microcontroller, switches, relays, etc. Perfect for driving DC and Stepper motors, Apart from it we can further extend it for many more other projects for same without using microcontrollers like, Line Follower Robot, Edge Avoider Robot, Remote/Joystick Controlled Robot, Wireless Controlled Robot, Mobile phone Controlled Robot & Many More. The best feature of this motor driving board is that we can used in line follower robot where we don’t need any microcontroller for functionality of it.

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