9DOF Bipedal Humanoid Robotic DIY Kit Frame & Electronics Board

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  • Consist of Frame and servo motors with electronic pre-programmed board
  • Easy to use , Easy to carry , Easy To Install and Open-Source DIY Robot Kit Compatible With Arduino

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The bipedal robot can go straight, turn around, and dancing, batteries and control panel is also easy to install, fun, cost-effective, suitable for students, also suitable for the study of robot lovers! It can also work in autonomous mode through programming. The servo controller board + servo controller software accompanying the kit, make the programming very easy through Arduino Nano IDE. Multiple projects and autonomous navigation algorithms / SLAM can be implemented using interfacing of various Arduino compatible modules. The structure is very sturdy made of metal brackets and assembling is very convenient and easy to build. This is a precursor to advanced humanoid robot with higher DOF. Arduino Nano based servo controller is included in this kit. This device can be operated wirelessly on Bluetooth or through USB connection. The Arduino Digital and Analog pins are also available for interfacing different sensor modules. It is ideal for making Autonomous and PC based systems which run over Hobby Servo motors. The software accompanying the kit helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware like robotic arms, walkers, bipeds and any other servo controlled system. Product Features: -> Waking moves, turning moves, sensor interfacing -> Cost-effective and easy-to-use -> For hobbyists, robot competition, kids -> Humanoid robot -> Color: Black Package Includes: 8 Piece Multifunctional bracket 2 Piece Oblique U bracket 4 Piece Short U bracket 4 Piece L-shaped bracket 1 Piece U-beam 2 Piece Bigfoot 4 Piece Cup bearing assembly

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