Dual Axis X-Y Joystick Module

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  • This Module Uses a 5V supply, the original state X, Y Readout voltage of 2.5V or so, when pressed with the direction of the arrow 4. The readout voltage values with increasing, up to 5V; press the arrow in the opposite direction, the readout voltage reduction , a minimum of 0V.
  • Two-Way Rocker 10K resistor, with the Joystick in a Different Direction, Tap the Resistance Vary

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PS2 game joystick axis sensor module consists of using original quality metal PS2 joystick potentiometer system For, with (X, Y) 2-axis analog output, (Z) 1 digital output channel button. With Arduino sensor, an expansion board can be made For remote control and other interactive work. In addition, the product in order to allow customers to more easily fit arduino expansion boards and other standard interfaces Mouth, in the design of the X, Y, Z-axis circuit leads individually, you can use three dedicated lines really pin ARDUINO Plug into the expansion board for use. It is convenient. 1. Compact Size (20x21x13mm) 2. Long Life 1 Million Cycles 3. An optional momentary switch is operational at all rotations 4. RoHS compliant It is like a game console joystick, you can control the joystick module input x, y, z of PS2 joystick game controller module Joystick Values, and to achieve a particular value in a function, it can be considered a combination of buttons and a potentiometer. Data Type of x, y dimension for the analog input signal is a digital input signal z dimension, therefore,x and y connected to the analog port Pin sensor end, and z port is connected to the digital port

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