WIFI Wireless Control 4-Channel Relay Board With Driver

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  • On board 7805 voltage regulator available for sourcing regulated 5V @ upto 1A voltage to the board and connecting circuit.
  • Equipped with high-current relay 7A@250V AC / 10A@28V DC. 2. It can control both AC and DC appliances such as Solenoids, Motors, lights, fans, etc., with High Voltage handling capacity of 220V AC with full protection.
  • No Need of WIFI, Its Generate it own WIFI network through which you can connect via mobile app & control the devices connected to it.

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WIFI Control 4-Channel Relay Board with Driver

EnGeniusLab introduce make in India WIFI Control 4-Channel RELAY Board, to make your devices smart, It is specially design to make your room smart & energy saving because by this device now you can control & mange your device by only single APP using WIFI Signal. It is a device which create a private WIFI network & connect & control upto 500 meter open ground range. "APP Available Only On Android Store"

It is not a simple relay but it has feature to generate it own WIFI network through which you can connect by mobile & control, that means it no need WIFI at your permissive, It has very good range nearly about 200-300 Meter in open area & 100-175 meter in close area.

It comes with a small driver which give its power & you can control any device upto 7A & 220V. Now by using the product you can simply make your devices smart & control by mobile app using WIFI signal.

1 Review For WIFI Wireless Control 4-Channel Relay Board With Driver
  • Sinha v, Bangalore

    This product creates own WiFi and do not join existing home WiFi. So if you have more than 1 board , you have to change WiFi login each time to operate the relay. The power supply of 7805 gets heated up within 5 minutes - how long it will last is to be seen. Request the developer to add functional

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