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First robot mobile goes on sale in Japan

The world’s first robotic mobile phone RoBoHon, a pocket-size walking and dancing robot, started sale on Thursday in Japan. The human-shaped smartphone, developed by Japanese electronics company, Sharp and engineer Tomotaka Takahashi, inventor of the first robot astronaut ‘Kirobo’, went on sale with a base price of 198,000 yen ($1,800), EFE news reported. To mark the […]

First autonomous robot to operate on soft tissue outdoes human surgeons

Step aside, Ben Carson. The once lauded ability to perform delicate operations with gifted hands may soon be replaced with the consistent precision of an autonomous robot. And—bonus—robots don’t get sleepy. In a world’s first, researchers report using an autonomous robot to perform surgical operations on soft tissue and in living pigs, where the adroit droid […]

650V fast body diode mosfets for soft switching

“They provide additional voltage headroom for industrial, telecom, and renewable energy applications when desired,” said the firm. Built on E Series super-junction technology, they feature 10x lower reverse recovery charge (Qrr) than standard mosfets, which allows the devices to block the full breakdown voltage more quickly, helping to avoid failure from shoot-through and thermal overstress. […]

3D technique promises accurate coloured thermoforming mouldings

A new form of thermoforming is the answer, according to Swiss University ETH. In thermoforming, a plastic sheet is warmed to near melting point and sucked onto a mould – it is the technique used to make yoghurt pots. “The new method is a clever combination of established thermoforming and software which allows even ambitious amateurs to produce […]

Intel overtakes ST for third place in industrial semi market

TI was the leading vendor of semiconductors to the industrial sector in 2015, ahead of Infineon Technologies, says Semicast Research. Intel passed ST to become the third largest vendor, with Renesas Electronics completing the top five. Semicast defines the industrial sector to include traditional areas such as factory automation, motor drives, lighting, building automation, test […]