HID BootFlash Loader

HID BootFlash loader is an open source GUI and command line tool used to burn firmware file to a controller with HID BootFlash equivalent boot loader.

HID BootFlash loader is a USB boot loader for AVR series microcontrollers. HID uploader tool requires no kernel level driver on Windows and can therefore be run without installing any drivers.

It can be used on all AVRs with at least 2 kB of boot loader section, e.g. the popular ATMega8, ATMega8A & other series. The firmware is flashed into the upper 2 kB of the flash memory and takes control immediately after reset. If a certain hardware condition is met (this condition can be configured by pressing Boot Button), the boot loader waits for data on the USB interface and loads it into the remaining part of the flash memory. If the condition is not met, control is passed to the loaded firmware.This implementation is more user friendly on Windows, since no kernel level drivers need to be installed.

How to use HID BootFlash Loader Software(Click Here)


Title                                                           HID BootFlash Loader
Filename                                                  HIDBootFlash.exe
File size                                                    72.00 KB 
Requirements                                         Window/ XP / Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10
Languages                                               Multiple languages
License                                                     Freeware