How To Assemble The Robot

Hey…! When we try to assemble the robots then there is always so many questions & confusing about mechanical components, that how to assemble the robot, how we can use it in our robot, how we can apply to this to make robot, what will be the exact location of components & so on…

Here we try to solve all this problems which occurs during the assembling the robot by using picture representation & steps.

Kindly follow the following step to make good robot as mentioned below:-

Step : 1-  Connect the motors to the clamps with the help of screws as shown in following picture….


Step : 2- Tight the screws as shown in picture with the help of screw driver


Step  : 3-  Fix the motors on the chassis cum motor driver board as shown by the in following pictures.





Step : 4-  Fix both the wheels to the motors ….



Step : 5- Tight the screws as shown in picture….



Step : 6- Fix the caster Free Wheel in the Board…like this



Step 8-   Fix the  Development Board on the chassis board ( In this tutorial we use the EnGeniusLab Atmega8 Bootlader Development Board but same process we can proceed towards the other EnGeniusLab Robotics Board like ATmega8 Mini, Motor Driving Board, Atmega16 Board, 8051 & PIC microcontroller boards also according to holes matching with respected to chassis.





Step : 9- Now put the Sensor on  Development board (ATMega8) as shown in figures…




Step : 10- Connect the Wires




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