How to install the USBASP driver for programmer

The most cost-effective way to program an ATmega/ATtiny MCU that’s not embedded in a development board such as the Arduino is to buy yourself a USB in-system programmer (ISP).
A USBASP driver is based on the libusb-win32 driver; and supports 32 and 64 bit windows. It is partially signed which means windows still produces a warning during installation, but that warning does not prevent installation of the driver.
OK, we are going to now for the installation procedure…
First you need to download the driver from

After downloading the driver, you will get the zip file under which various drivers are available for different windows so that we can chose according our platform.

In this tutorial we are showing how to installed USBASP driver in WIN7/8/8.1/10 respectively using the following mentioned steps.

Note: – For the users of WIN8/8.1/.10 we want to mention that before installing the USBASP driver they need to disable the device signature enforcement by clicking below.

1. Connect the USBASP programmer to Computer/Laptop via USB Cable & USB Connector.

2. When we will connect the USBASP Programmer then the pop-up will come on screen which showing window try to detect & install the USBASP driver automatically by window update. After few seconds it shows driver failed to install or no driver found message will display.




3. After this point. Just go the device mange by right click on my computer & find the USBASP icon with yellow icon marked on it. It shows that your system detect the USBASP Programmer but driver on found till yet.
right click on my computer>device manger>select the USBASP.


4. Right Click on yellow mark USB-ASP icon & select Update Driver Software.




5. After Click on it, you will get pop-up window which shows two options: – 1 search automatically. 2 Browse the driver from system.



In first option if internet is connected with your system then you can go with first one but it takes lots of time that’s why here we chose second option.
6. Select the Browse My Computer For Driver Software, After that window will appear in which you need to select the folder where you unzip the downloaded driver. In the unzip driver folder go to the bin>win_driver>libusb_1.2.4.0. Select the libusb_1.2.4.0 folder.


7. At this point you will get the window security alert with the message “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”. So don’t get panic just select install this driver software anyway. It just a way warning message.


8. Then you will get the message in the end driver has been installed successfully & yellow marked icon on USBASP in device manager is removed & USB Icon shows there.