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How to use engeniuslab atmega8 bootloader board

Following Steps to flash the program into Engeniuslab Atmega8 Development Board :-


EnGeniusLab Atmega8 Bootloader Development Board is self supported Bootloader board which contain bootloader firmware in it. This firmware allow EnGeniusLab Board to program HEX file in it without using of separate programmer. Bootloader option allow to program it by using simple USB cable, that cable give power to board as well as Program Data that store in micro-controller memory after that EnGeniusLab board start giving output through pins .

Atmega8 Bootloader Board


Step 1 :- Connect the USB B-type Cable to the Atmega8 Board , After connection power led will glow.

Bootloader Board Step 2

Bootloader Board Step 3


Step 2 :-  Now Press the both RESET & BOOT button simultaneously.

Bootloader Board Step 1


Bootloader Board Step 4


Step 3 :- Then release the RESET button only, Not BOOT button until the flash of program into board.

Bootloader Board Step 5


Step 4 :- Open the HID Bootloader Software & Click on a FIND DEVICE Button.

Bootloader Board Step 6


Bootloader Board Step 7


Step 5 :- Open HEX file through software & Select Hex File.

Bootloader Board Step 8


Step 6 :- Always click on REBOOT AVR checkbox in software & click on a FLASH DEVICE.
Bootloader Board Step 9
Bootloader Board Step 10


Step 7 :- Perform the connection of device to the board & enjoy the program output.

Bootloader Board Step 11

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