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Hi all! We are starting an email list for Embeddinator readers and everyone interested in deep, intuitive learning.

Why Should I Sign Up?

If you like the blog, you’ll enjoy the email list too. I’ll be sharing the insights & techniques that took me from “huh?” to “aha!” on topics electronics, programming, and designing. These emails will include:

  • Exclusive content & previews
  • Short learning tips / new projects / additional material that weren’t the right fit for the blog
  • Q&A on topics that are bothering you
  • Announcements & discounts for products & hardware’s I think you’ll enjoy

The blog explains ideas as we wish they were taught. The email list shares information I wish we’d seen

Why Start an Email List?

A few reasons:

  • Email has better interaction. We can write, you can read & reply at your leisure. Social media seems noisy and non-personal — we want a direct conversation.
  • The medium shapes the message. Blog posts are great for long-form, single-topic articles. Email favors shorter, bite-sized pieces. We found our self holding back material because it wasn’t a “blog-fit” (but still valuable!).
  • Better sustainability. The goal of Embeddinator is to be a lifelong project. Keeping in touch ensures the material stays useful and enjoyable, and that products (like the existing eBooks + Project+ Practical’s ) dramatically increase your understanding.

We love blogging and will always write. Email is another method to get quick feedback, with blog posts to distill the final results.

We are so thankful to have a little corner of the internet to share ideas, and we love hearing about and discussing the aha! Moments that made things click. Thanks for staying in touch.